Welcome to the Nandi Family

Hello guests, welcome to the Nandi Family's home website. We are a nuclear family of only three members.

This little website is the main foundation of our family's presence on the web, linking together all the media we need to share. We hope you will love to know about us.


Group Photos


Family photograph

Singapore (2001): City bus

From left to right: Sukumar, Nilima and Sunit Nandi


Sunit and Sukumar

Digha (2010): Sea beach

From left to right: Sunit and Sukumar Nandi


Sukumar and Nilima

Guwahati (2013): Home

From left to right: Sukumar and Nilima Nandi




Know more about us in the family members section, have a peek into our home and garden and know where we live.

Also you can read Sunit's Life (a personal blog by Sunit Nandi), view our photo albums and watch our YouTube channel.

Have any questions, suggestions or wish to leave a message? Please contact us.